If you can make it here, you can make it anywhere.

The world is changed by those with the audacity to dream and those with the courage of their creative convictions. CityVarsity is what happens when you match talent and passion, with the right skill set, the right attitude, and the audacity to make it in The City.

Connect your creativity to the world and live the career you have always dreamed of with CityVarsity.

Start in The City

Welcome to CityVarsity where your vision of who you can – and will be – is nurtured by high-end industry leaders and academic staff. They are committed to steering you towards becoming the creative professional you were born to be.

It’s your turn to embrace your unique place in the world with an accredited qualification that is industry-recognised from CityVarsity.

Make it in The City.

Make it in The City.


Make it in The City.

CityVarsity campuses are set in the heart of both Johannesburg and Cape Town – ideally located to match the vibe and ambition of CityVarsity students. With immediate access to the continent’s two leading creative-commercial and employment hubs, our students are perfectly situated to tap into the energy of their respective city.

Your lucrative, rewarding, creative-commercial career Starts Here.

Welcome home. Welcome to CityVarsity.