Dear Parents, Sponsors, Guardians and Stakeholders For over 50 days we have been living in a time of national lockdown. These are extraordinary times as all South Africans, and other nations, confront the threat of the Covid-19 virus. The lockdown was extended to 30 April 2020 on Level 5. On 1 May 2020 we moved to lockdown Level 4. There are signals from government that we may soon be easing the lockdown further, but this is not certain. What we do know is that all sectors of society are required to continue to slow the spread of the virus to save lives and minimise the damage to our society and economy. We recognise that we must provide to you regular information about how the academic year will be completed and we wish to clarify the availability of our communication on the institutional website. Since early in the lockdown, we have communicated weekly with our enrolled students either by email, SMS, WhatsApp or telephone to encourage them to be active in their studies and make use of the online learning system, called myClass, to remotely support their learning through the student portal. Please be assured that you can always access our latest communication in this regard on the institutional websites..[…]