OFFICIAL EDUCOR RESPONSE TO THE COVID-19 VIRUS PANDEMIC The President has declared certain measures be implemented as per his address to the nation last night. In keeping with this proclamation and aligned to global and local precautionary measures, the executive team of Educor issues this communication directed to its students, sponsors, parents and staff at the Educor Brands that deliver via contact lectures: Damelin, City Varsity, ICESA, Central Technical College. Any public gathering of 100 or more people is prohibited and accordingly all our graduation ceremonies which are scheduled from 16 March 2020 to the end of April 2020, are postponed. We will be communicating to all eligible graduates for the collection of their certificates soon. We remain committed to our students’ continued education. To this end, we will be rescheduling the academic calendar with contact classes discontinuing from WEDNESDAY, 18 MARCH 2020. We will advise on when contact classes will recommence at campus and will communicate via our official websites. Students can access their material through the student portal during this time, and our academic lecturing staff will be uploading additional study materials and learning activities in MyClass available through the student portal. Campuses will remain open should a student wish to access the library or the computer rooms or needs to sit for an external NATED examination..[…]