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March 7, 2018
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By Nana Zuke

The corporate world is a bank of knowledge for the young graduate who is seeking to advance. Every young professional should remain vigilant and learn as much as possible while in any work environment. Every graduate should have a mentor to learn from and influence them.

Ask questions and take advice, you will find that you will get answers that will not only make you a better employee but will help you grow your knowledge and perspective.

According to Kenneth Masilela, National Operations Manager for Damelin, nothing beats lessons learnt through experience.

“New graduates should never be afraid to be led and to ask questions. This is what will build you as a professional. Learning from experienced people adds value to an individual who is still seeking to advance in their career.”

There are many challenges in the workplace. Seeking advice and guidance helps you to overcome challenges that may come your way. Challenge yourself to seek knowledge and identify people who have traits that might help you to be a better person. Adopt a mindset that is constantly looking to grow in the workplace both personally and professionally.

Learning from other people does not mean that you will face the same challenges they have experienced. It means that you will be better prepared to deal with it should you stumble across a similar challenge. Most mentors in the workplace look for people who are willing to absorb as much information as possible, not to become memory banks but to learn from and become better. No manager likes grooming an intern or a graduate who has a know it all attitude. Chances are, they will just get frustrated with you and pay no further attention to growing you.

There is a new culture of learning and development that is sweeping through the workplace. People no longer feel like they have to be the mediocre and complacent employee. Now employees are in constant pursuit of success and progress. People who are learning as much as they can and are constantly looking for opportunities and ways in which they can enrich themselves.

The truth is people work so they can earn an income to fund the daily living expenses. However, the secret to getting to the top in the workplace is to learn as much as possible. Put yourself out there, ask the questions and avail yourself to step into someone else’s position and learn something different. By doing so, you will be adding another skill to your resume and will be a step closer to your ultimate dream.

To become a leader in whatever field of work you may get into, always be ready to learn, to be taught and to absorb the tricks and trades of a business. There is no greater investment. When you enter the working environment there are always people who have been there longer than you, with vast amounts of experience. The wise thing to do is to bask in their knowledge.

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