You’ll find the air practically crackling with creative energy at the CityVarsity Cape Town campus. Whether it’s a rehearsal for the next trending flash mob, a spirited guitar jam session or soul-stirring poetry slam, our students spend every moment banishing boredom from their lives. They’re unique individuals in their own right. But, they’re all united by a passion for art. As such we’ve provided them with the facilities and opportunities their dedication deserves.

To become a leading professional one needs to be mentored by the best. Our students benefit from the real world experience and passion of industry experts who maintain close ties to their fields of focus. Their instruction is further enhanced by state-of-the-art equipment. Our college in Cape Town boasts industry-level art, sound, film, acting and photography studios, an infinity wall, dark room, casting rooms and fully equipped labs for animation, multimedia and journalism.

Our next door neighbours include several heavy-weights in the media and creative industries. These include many notable advertising, animation, design and production companies and studios. We place a strong emphasis on practical experience so our students, across all media disciplines, leave CityVarsity with a portfolio of relevant work. Many of our alumni are employed in our immediate vicinity, fostering strong and ongoing personal and professional relationships.

As the school lies within the heart of Cape Town, our students enjoy an array of student accommodation and plenty of creative and intellectual stimulation from museums, theatres, cinemas to the famous Company Gardens. All of these are just a stone’s throw away.

CityVarsity brings a tremendous amount of excitement and colour to the Cape Town community. We have spearheaded multiple events that showcase the talent of our students. BodySpectra, for example, is billed as an annual body painting extravaganza held by our Art Department. However, the event is so much more. It acts as a practical exam and fundraiser that provides a feast for the eyes and stimulation for the mind.