In 2014 CityVarsity Johanneburg relocated from its Newtown campus to its current home in Braamfontein. This move brought with it a fresh crop of students who approach life with a sense of wonder, curiosity and adventure. You’ll know a CityVarsity Braamfontein student when you meet them. As the new kids on the block their strong thirst to prove themselves is only matched by their raw talent.

CityVarsity Braamfontein is located within the home of the Braamfontein Management District – an area that has seen the development of Braamfontein as a central location for entertainment, business and education. In this burgeoning cultural arc, our students have access to the Johannesburg Theatre, The Grove (a trendy student spot), several art galleries and studios, and the famous Neighbourgoods Market.

Johannesburg offers a multitude of opportunities in the creative industries, specifically in film, television and music, as well as for recording and production, crafts and design, multimedia and information technology. Our proximity to these professional creative hives provides our learners with vital motivation to keep pursuing their dreams.

Practical experience is a key component of CityVarsity’s curriculum. Our school boasts a gallery that affords students the opportunity to display and sell their work to the public. Additionally, Braamfontein hosted its first annual film festival in 2016. The festival plays an important role in highlighting the talent of the participating students and the strength of the education they receive from their instructors.

Conducive to learning and creativity, our college in Johannesburg is known for its atmosphere based on mutual respect and dignity. It is within this nurturing environment that our students are given a chance to let their creative voices bloom.