6 Amazing Ways to promote your Photography using Instagram

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Being a successful photographer takes an enormous amount of talent and creativity. There are millions of people that rely on graphics and creativity to capture amazing pictures of them.

There are diverse types of photographers in business around the world who have exceptional work. You can always define your journey as a photographer and decide what you want to focus on. There are photographers who work as event photographers, ones that do photoshoots, or do photographs for corporate. Photography could be a hobby of yours that you would like to develop. This is definitely a passion that you can turn into a business.

Instagram statistics reveal that a staggering 75% of Instagram users take action, such as visiting a website, after looking at an Instagram advertising post. This fact is proof that Instagram can be used as a marketing tool and photographers can use this to advance their business.

How does Instagram boost your Success as Photographer

The photo-sharing tool has cool new features that allow you to captivate the attention of audiences. Instagram has a feature that allows you to have a business profile with your address and information, links in your bio and paid content sponsored posts.

When you make use of these features you gain more exposure which is good for your brand and business. As more people learn about your expertise, you get opportunities that will help you generate revenue. This is a great way to create a career where you will enjoy what you do and get paid for it. Here are some effective ways to advance your photography career with Instagram.

1.      Use a good quality Camera

Having a good quality camera or two is important to help you capture those amazing shots that you want. It doesn’t matter how skilled you are, if you use a low-quality camera, it will affect your work. If it means that you will have to save up money and buy one, it will be a good investment.

It also takes time for you to use your camera efficiently and understand all the functions. In order to improve the value that you get with your camera and to take better snaps, you can go for training to learn more. The training allows you to understand the camera better and increase your expertise.

2.      Showcase your Best work

As a photographer, your Instagram page should represent your best work. Not only is it just a social page but it can function as your professional portfolio. If you put in the effort on your profile, the page can attract more followers and potential business. You should ensure that you only post up the work that you are proud of on your profile.

‘Too much circulation makes the price go down. Create value through scarcity.’- Tweet by @thacapitalj

Another tip is limit your posts and not overwhelm your followers with multiple posts at the same time. You should also avoid sharing posts that are too similar, always choose the best one of the lot to post up. This can vary, depending on your goals. You can also choose a few good ones and post multiple photos.

3.      Branding your Work

To improve your work as a brand, you need to be aware of what other photographers are doing to make them successful. You should look at how they position their social media posts in order to become recognised in the industry.

As a person building up your name and influence, you will need to understand how to brand yourself as a photographer to showcase your uniqueness. To achieve this your work needs to be excellent and consistent. Defining yourself helps people find it easier to understand your niche.

When you do an introspection and decide what you like and don’t like and the type of audience you want to appeal to, you find your niche. You can define yourself by your interest, your experiences and type of work you produce.

4.      Improve your Photo Editing Skills

As a photographer, you should expand on your ability to use photo editing tools and programs. These skills will allow you to do creative work for any purpose. Creative editing ability gives you the freedom to conceptualise your work and take photos that are more sophisticated.

When you understand the dynamics of editing such as lighting, shadowing, filtering and so on you will be able to maximise the value of the editing tools.

5.      Engage with your Audience

Finding your focus as a photographer allows people to easily identify which type of photographer you are. Your work will attract people who find your work amazing and encourage them to follow your page.

You can keep the momentum going by sharing awe-inspiring posts that keep getting better. Your followers will want to see more of your ability and how creative you can be.

6.      Make Use of Insta tools and Posting times

Your caption speaks for you and there are many useful ways to use this function. You can decide to tell a story through your posts, using quotes or words. A caption enhances the impact of your post and gives it more meaning. You can use Instagram stories that appear on the homepage to engage with your followers, show some behind the scenes work or creative process. People always enjoy hearing about the history of the products that they love or projects that their icons are involved in.  Instagram stories have engagement levels as high as 150 million people a day. There are many other benefits of using Instagram stories to expand your reach.

‘Posts with at least one hashtag average 12.6% more engagement.’- Hootsuite.com

Other post tools such as using hashtags to expand your reach and tagging locations also have an effect on boosting a post.

As a photographer, you need to know the best times to share your Instagram posts. This is when most people log in, meaning your posts will be visible to more people. Using this knowledge to your advantage will enrich the success of your posts.

Taking your Photography skill to the Next Level

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As someone with a passion for photography, you should expose yourself to more knowledge so that you can become the best. A photography course will open your mind to the complex and rich dynamics at play in this industry.

The techniques that a photography course will teach you, will help elevate your skills to a higher level and it will have an impact on your success.

A photography course will broaden your perception of what you can do and it will inspire you to bring something fresh to the industry. As you increase your awareness of the art of photography, the capacity of what you can do increases and your creativity multiplies.

With the opportunities that social platforms and Instagram provide, your photography passion can create a rewarding career path.


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