5 Inspiring Success Values to learn from Bonang Matheba

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May 14, 2018

The queen of entertainment has been riding the wave of success for years now and she shows no signs of slowing down.

The TV personality keeps on soaring in her career and surprising the nation with her wins. If there’s anyone who has been working hard to stay on top it’s Bonang Matheba. Some refer to her as the entertainment goddess, others call her the ‘hostess with the mostes’ and she is also a style icon for many.

She also goes on record as being one of SA’s most influential radio hosts, when she presented two widely popular radio shows on YFM and Metro FM. Bonang has proven to the nation that she definitely reigns supreme in every facet of entertainment. The star was trending on Twitter and made headlines this past weekend when she hosted the 60th annual Miss South Africa. She dazzled with her presenting talent and stunned with breath-taking outfit changes.

While many may admire her success and ponder about how they can create the same for themselves, there are many valuable lessons to take from Queen B. Successful people have habits and characteristics that they use to attract success. Here is some inspiration from these 5 values that Bonang draws on for her own success.

She invests in her own Brand

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Bonang Matheba is someone who truly invests in her personal brand. This attracts many partnerships for the star. Her team does a great job in getting her the best entertainment jobs and aligning her with amazing brands.

Anyone who follows the TV star knows that she always keeps it professional. She crafts her Instagram posts beautifully with fun Instagram stories that give us a glimpse of her world. Bonang is a perfectionist and how she presents her brand has built her success over the years. Brand building becomes vital once you become a media personality and the way Bonang has branded herself is something we can all learn from.

She focuses on the Positives

Like any successful person, Bonang does encounter haters and internet trolls but it’s how she handles the negativity that surprises many. Bonang is someone who promotes the positive things that are said about her and she does not entertain negativity. Celebrity gossip sites may go ahead with stories about her but she does not respond to any of it. Occasionally we do see Bonang clap back to followers who try to drag her down and when she does it’s priceless.

When people expect Bonang to be distracted by any kind of hate, they are disappointed.  This is because she always stays focused. She carries herself as the professional she is, no matter what the circumstance.

She’s a Go-Getter

Bonang has her hand in more than one basket, exploring every opportunity in her path. She has started working with international brands, which grows her portfolio as a media entrepreneur. Bonang recently bagged a great partnership deal with Cell C and she has a paid partnership with Courvoisier. Bonang became the first South African face to be a Revlon ambassador, which further promoted her brand. The star also has a lingerie line with Woolworths ‘Distractions’ which recently launched a new collection.

Her ability to do her jobs excellently is what gets her recognised by brands who want to work with her. Although many businesses may want to work with her, the media icon is careful to align herself with credible brands that bring value to her success.

She is a Dynamic Media Personality

As a host, Bonang is able to promote events that she hosts and get them trending and of course they often turn out to be a success. Whether she is hosting a small intimate event or a huge TV show, Bonang always shows up and shines. What’s authentic about Bonang is that she has a star quality about her and she has fun with anything she does.

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Entertaining is something that she does effortlessly and her ability to speak eloquently is a bonus. Because of her ‘life of the party’ persona, she is able to fit into any occasion, own it and make people feel great. She is also not afraid to be silly, dance and laugh out loud, her bubbly personality charms many.

She has Major Influence

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2.97 million followers on Twitter, 2 million Instagram followers, Bonang Matheba is definitely a force to be reckoned with. The influential star gets brands trending and every event she attends gets an incredibly high reach on social media.

As one of the most followed celebrities on social media, she is still very involved and engages her audiences. She often retweets and replies to her fans and followers, keeping them captivated. Having influence on social media brings many other opportunities for prosperity. From paid partnerships and endorsements, there are many lucrative benefits that come with social media prominence.

How you can adopt Bonang’s Values to shape your own Success

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Bonang Matheba began her career as a TV presenter and she has grown as a business mogul in entertainment. If you have a passion for TV presenting and being in the entertainment sector, Bonang is proof that you can create career longevity as a media personality.

If you love presenting and being in the media field, you could consider pursuing a short leaning programme in TV presenting. This programme will equip you with dynamic presenting skills that will make you stand out in entertainment and enrich you with added knowledge and expertise to begin your TV career.



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