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By Luke Thorrold (Journalism student) | 2014-03-05

CityVarsity’s orientation week for its first year students concluded with a fantastic day spent on Clifton’s 4th beach.

After two days exploring their new campus and meeting their lecturers, students of CityVarsity had a good idea of what lies ahead for them in 2014.

By Lucinda Jolly | 2014-02-04

David Plenderleith or “Zim” as he is also known lopes into my office like a graceful, gentle giraffe with a top notch of hair on his head and a designer accessory in the shape of a chocolate Labrador dog.

Two years ago he graduated with a diploma in Multimedia Design and Production. He was known as a “never-give-up” by his lecturers and someone who confesses to “never being satisfied with the end result”. 

Student Life

By Daniella Rauwerdink (Journalism Student) | 2014-04-16

Photographer Masixole Feni’s first solo exhibition at the Alliance Française titled Water is Life focuses on the role of water in his own daily existence in informal settlements of Cape Town.

2014 Term Dates

Term 1
    24 February - 4 April

Term 2
    14 April - 4 July

Term 3
    21 July - 5 September

Term 4
    15 September - 14 November

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